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I’m Julieth Calderón and I live in Sardinia, Italy.

I’m the artist behind these paintings and I hope that they can open your imagination and lead you to dream or simply to be immersed in another reality.

Reality that I created when I had difficult and distressing moments in my life, I began a mental process of relief to capture dreams and hopes, fears and to feel me calm and relaxed, also because those paintings gave me company and the feeling of feeling loved and valued.

Telling you a little about myself: I was born in 1984 model, in Colombia. I separated when I was 31 years old and I have two children, I’m from the beautiful lands where born the coffee, the happy, wild and dreamy people, powerful and friendly who fight despite the violence. I’m from the mountainous green landscape, from that place where in every cup in the morning there is the aroma of the agua panela, or coffee from my Colombian land. I grew up in the bosom of a humble and small family, I’m the youngest of three siblings.

I suffered 14 years from anxiety disorders and panic attacks, which I managed to transform into art.

It’s always Darker just before dawn and in fact in this last year my life has completely changed.

Now I am happily married to a wonderful Italian man who is a blessing and promise of God in my life … Art and Color returned to my life after many years of solitude and having closed that door, I began to paint again, thanks to my sweet husband who restored my inspiration and happiness.

Dreams come true if you have true Faith.

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